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Baton Rouge, LA

Doc's Dirty Laundry

Hailing from the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Doc's Dirty Laundry is a four-piece powerhouse band igniting stages with their unique fusion of psychedelic rock, indie, grunge, and blues. Comprising Blake Edwards on drums, Gordie Simon on lead guitar and vocals, Christian Wales on bass and vocals, and Collin Blanchard on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, the band boasts an impressive lineup of talent and charisma. Known for their electrifying live performances and infectious energy, Doc's Dirty Laundry has become a staple of the Baton Rouge music scene, captivating fans with their dynamic stage presence and undeniable chemistry. From intimate club shows to packed-out festival stages, the band leaves a lasting impression wherever they go, earning a reputation as one of the region's must-see acts. With a deep appreciation for musical craftsmanship and a commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, Doc's Dirty Laundry continues to evolve and innovate, delivering fresh and compelling music that resonates with listeners of all backgrounds. As they pay homage to their influences while forging their own path forward, the band invites audiences to join them on an exhilarating musical journey filled with passion, creativity, and the raw energy of rock 'n' roll.

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