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Tedo Stone

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Athens, GA

Tedo Stone has been a fixture in the Georgia music scene for over 10 years. Based in Covington, with a band stationed in Athens & Atlanta, Tedo explores the themes of embracing his inner wild rocker tendencies while balancing a career and family life. Tedo’s 5th studio album is called “Back 9 of Life” a nod to his other favorite past time while his music career has evolved into a place where he relishes in the chaos of balancing everything he wants out of this world creatively and with the ones he loves. “Back 9 of Life” is Produced by long time collaborators Matt Martin & with Matt Martin engineering and mixing. The album was mostly recorded in 2021 by Martin, Beskin and Stone with contributions from Taylor Cotton, Phillip Brantley, & Kip Bradley Smith. Preceded by the singles “Keeping it Tight”, “COV Blues”, “Cougar Kiss” and “Not that Clever” the album features Tedo’s strongest songs to date, “Back 9 of Life” will finally be available to fans digitally and on vinyl via Super Canoe on October 20th.

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