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Well Kept

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Athens, GA

Well Kept is an alternative rock band from Athens, GA, harnessing a potent combination of modern indie rock and classic emo. Originally formed in 2019 as the songwriting vehicle for Athens producer Tommy Trautwein, Well Kept has blossomed into a 5-piece band that is just as imaginative in the studio as they are powerful onstage. Their new record The Inquirer was self-produced by Trautwein and features a denser and more detailed sound, filled with both honest and reflective songwriting and the type of hooks that have fit in smoothly when Well Kept has shared bills with modern pop bands like Dayglow and COIN. With The Inquirer, Well Kept appear to be on the cusp of thrilling change, having proven they can craft ambitious widescreen rock songs without losing the intimacy of their home recording roots.

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